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Jideofor, a necromancer, grows so powerful and becomes a thorn in the flesh of his people because he wants to succeed his late father as the chief priest of Umumbara. He was self-willed, overly ambitious, and would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. His determination rendered the lives of his people in danger because he would destroy any one that would stand on his way, and even the ghosts.

The Mind of a Hero is a powerful story of masculinity, identity, cultural heritage, struggles, and the journey to freedom.

Explore ‘The Mind of a Hero,’ a poignant masterpiece delving into culture clash and human resilience. Chinonso Aguzie’s powerful storytelling and insightful portrayal of colonialism make it an essential read for history enthusiasts.

8 reviews for The Mind of a Hero


    Elle Marshall
    Mind of a Hero is told in traditional African storytelling mode. The story of Jideofor and Obidike is a story of a cruel man who sold others into slavery in order to fulfill his own ambitions, and it is the story of how he was overcome.

  2. Esther

    The book is eclectic.

  3. Janet

    The Mind of a Hero is a compelling story of fact and fiction. The story of Obidike and Jideofor is a story of good against evil, light against darkness, a replica of what happens in today’s world, and the effects of colonialism in the past. It’s a careful narrative that mirrors the Igbo cultural and societal values, trying to tell and to show what the Igbos and it’s culture looks like before and after the coming of the Europeans. The book is eclectic, but basically, It’s a story of Jideofor who sells his people to slavery just for his selfish gains. And also a story of Obidike who tries to protect his people from harms and from the powers of Jideofor.

  4. A. Ogechi

    I think The Mind of a Hero’ is not just a mere regular novel we all know, I think this guy, the Author, was so careful enough to weave knowledge, wisdom, and entertainment all together while telling a story. I’m curious about Jideofor, how on Earth would someone be that wicked. On the other hand, I admire Obidike and his courage. How in this world would someone be so brave, and generous to his on people, and even to the point of death. It was painful that at the end, he still has to die.

  5. Joy

    TH MIND OF A HERO is a real mind blowing Novel,,it’s a novel where a reader can gain knowledge of what it’s like during the time of slavery..
    Obidike a very strong man his last statement really touched me””just go open those cages ND go home with ur mother and take care of ur family and umumbara””.. the author really did a very nice job here..
    I highly recommend dis for everyone,,

  6. Sir P

    A towering achievement. First, I’d say it is fearless and truly courageous to talk about what no one talks about, the transatlantic slave trade. Or rather, what not so many people talk about, a deity that can protect it’s people, Akpam. We may no longer experience it in today’s world, but it doesn’t mean it has never happened. For me, it is bravery to talk about these things. Africans goes through cruelty in the hands of the Europeans. However, Africans were stolen, ripped off, and displaced from their lands, yet it all seems as though nothing happened because we don’t talk about it. The Mind of a Hero’ is a powerful book. Chinonso Aguzie is trying to pass a message, well, I hope it doesn’t stire a revolution.

  7. Hellen

    Just The perfect Book to acquire the right mindset to achieve your goals.__________________________________
    The book opened up with the author showing us about the cruel life of Jideofor, where he lives, what he does, and how he does it. Then, establishing Obidike’s family; his son, Kasie and his hunting prowess. The story unfolds further to present several other interesting characters whose presence added splendor, and beauty to the story. It can be a little difficult to put the strings together, but that’s where the author’s creativity came to light. So he was able to drive the story to an amazing destination where Jideofor’s cruelty was put to a permanent end.

    The Mind of a Hero is such a classic historical fiction for African readers and anyone at all who’s seeking a deeper understanding about African history.

  8. Excellent

    Great book

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