The Mind of a Hero

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Jideofor, a necromancer, grows so powerful and becomes a thorn in the flesh of his people because he wants to succeed his late father as the chief priest of Umumbara. He was self-willed, overly ambitious, and would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. His determination rendered the lives of his people in danger because he would destroy any one that would stand on his way, and even the ghosts.

The Mind of a Hero is a powerful story of masculinity, identity, cultural heritage, struggles, and the journey to freedom.

Explore ‘The Mind of a Hero,’ a poignant masterpiece delving into culture clash and human resilience. Chinonso Aguzie’s powerful storytelling and insightful portrayal of colonialism make it an essential read for history enthusiasts.

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9 reviews for The Mind of a Hero

  1. Emmanuel

    ✅I think Chinonso Aguzie’s The Mind of a Hero’ would have come to share similar theme and setting with Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. I guess both share the same style of narrative while each telling their own different story with their different talents. I guess, The Mind of a Hero’ is a good read for African readers.


    Chinonso Aguzie’s “The Mind of a Hero” is an expression of a story well told about the precolonial life of Africa, using the Igbo land and culture as a yardstick. Chinons’s choice of words and style of narrative is what I find so much fascinating. He has a good sense of description. Example, in the excerpt below, the way he described the “sun” in Chapter 3 of the book was really enthralling.

    “The evening sun was slowly declining to the west, shining
    down on the earth with its pale-yellowish light. It seemed
    tired of the stressful day, like an old woman returning
    from her farmland after a long, stressful day.” Amongst all, I don’t know why I find that paragraph so charming and very interesting.

  3. Janet

    The Mind of a Hero is a compelling story of fact and fiction. The story of Obidike and Jideofor is a story of good against evil, light against darkness, a replica of what happens in today’s world, and the effects of colonialism in the past. It’s a careful narrative that mirrors the Igbo cultural and societal values, trying to tell and to show what the Igbos and it’s culture looks like before and after the coming of the Europeans. The book is eclectic, but basically, It’s a story of Jideofor who sells his people to slavery just for his selfish gains. And also a story of Obidike who tries to protect his people from harms and from the powers of Jideofor.

  4. Confidence

    The Mind of a Hero is a captivating story about Obidike and Jideofor. Obidike, the protogonist who wants the best for his people and fights even with his last blood to protect and secure peace within his clan was a direct opposite of Jideofor, the antagonist who would do anything he could to destroy his clan because of his selfish gains. A story well steeped in culture and traditional life of the Igbo people. Chinonso Aguzie doesn’t only just want to tell a story, I guess, he tries to enlighten, and educate the world about the precolonial life of Igbo people.

  5. Freshauze Studios

    That’s a good historical Book,,
    To Refresh…. African histories,, and culture,,, Nice one From Chinonso Aguzie.

  6. Sir P

    A towering achievement. First, I’d say it is fearless and truly courageous to talk about what no one talks about, the transatlantic slave trade. Or rather, what not so many people talk about, a deity that can protect it’s people, Akpam. We may no longer experience it in today’s world, but it doesn’t mean it has never happened. For me, it is bravery to talk about these things. Africans goes through cruelty in the hands of the Europeans. However, Africans were stolen, ripped off, and displaced from their lands, yet it all seems as though nothing happened because we don’t talk about it. The Mind of a Hero’ is a powerful book. Chinonso Aguzie is trying to pass a message, well, I hope it doesn’t stire a revolution.

  7. Stephanie UJ Okoye

    Flipping open this masterpiece ushers you into the pages of a carefully and intentionally written story, woven not just for your own entertainment but with a a great wealth of knowledge which one could learn from.

    The Author Chinonso Aguzie used his writing prowess to take us back in time to the life and believes of the ancient Igbo tribe. I was particularly fascinated to learn the type of leadership which existed before the coming of the Whiteman; a body which consisted of elderly men, titled men and those men whose great deeds in a village had earned them a place of honor and respect, a lot different from what I grew up knowing.

    The text also highlights concisely a different type of occupation popular among the men of those days, the tales of hunting. An occupation rarely and barely broached on in all the texts I had ever read.

    The mind of a Hero also gave a brief but realistic insight about the transatlantic slave trade that took place at Arochukwu, a town in the contemporary eastern part of Nigeria. This part of the text had me spellbound; it almost felt as though I was there when it was happening.

    Several sceneries in this text centered on the life of Obidike. A good man driven by courage and empathy for his people, Obidike throughout his sojourn was only concerned about how to help the people around him, he understood what his mission and purpose was in life and went all out for it. Some he did afraid. These are lessons one should adopt and apply in real life.

    The Author did amazingly in putting this beautiful work together. Talk they say is cheap, get a copy of this book and expect nothing short of excellence.

  8. Hellen

    Just The perfect Book to acquire the right mindset to achieve your goals.__________________________________
    The book opened up with the author showing us about the cruel life of Jideofor, where he lives, what he does, and how he does it. Then, establishing Obidike’s family; his son, Kasie and his hunting prowess. The story unfolds further to present several other interesting characters whose presence added splendor, and beauty to the story. It can be a little difficult to put the strings together, but that’s where the author’s creativity came to light. So he was able to drive the story to an amazing destination where Jideofor’s cruelty was put to a permanent end.

    The Mind of a Hero is such a classic historical fiction for African readers and anyone at all who’s seeking a deeper understanding about African history.

  9. TefeloQhobela

    One thing I can assure is that Chinonso Aguzie has been a resplendent catalyst to let the African in him tell her own stories. Something Africans and even our ancestors longed to do for centuries. As we speak they are in graves yet their wish of longing to bringing Africa to the world fail.
    The richness of the Nigerian culture was potriated in this story, making historical fiction alive as you read the book. Barred stories digged from the ground and layed gently in this manuscript. Every African kid needs to read this one, in order to learn Literacy of their content. Every one who reads this one won’t regret going through every page. Enjoy the aspiring literature of Africanism

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